Eziorsu Community Cries out to Chief of Army Staff over alledged Brutality by Soldiers



With a deep sense of patriotism, a painful heart and tears streaming down my cheeks, I wish to draw your attention to an ugly scenario playing out in my community, Eziorsu Autonomous community in Oguta LGA of Imo state. For quite some time now Soldiers stationed at the Eziorsu water front have turned our community into another Sambisa forest where they hunt for defenseless citizens, not Terrorists, to brutalize, molest, maim and punish based on flimsy, unsubstantiated excuses and allegations. On Monday,the 22nd of July,2019 ,these Soldiers who were supposed to protect and defend Nigerian citizens and who are paid from the petro- naira drilled from Eziorsu community, invaded the Sleepy peaceful community at about 8:45 pm,shooting sporadically,breaking into homes and stores,brutalizing and molesting innocent defenseless citizens. Women, Children,Elderly men were given a dose of military beating With horse Whip, sticks ,iron and gun butt. People’s homes and stores were violently broken into with the intent to arrest them. Reason for this callous behavior was simply a civil matter involving two brothers who had minor misunderstanding. Without invitation from any of them,a Soldier who came into town to enjoy himself attempted to arrest the brothers after beating them but one of them resisted the arrest, querying the soldier who invited him. In the melee boys from the community gathered and pleaded with the Soldier to leave the brothers to settle their matter by themselves. But he felt humiliated and called his Colleagues at the Riverside and those at Egbema, claiming he was assaulted. Without verification,while the unsuspecting indigenes of the community were going about their normal businesses, the Soldiers in a commando fashion invaded the community with three hilux vehicles and started brutalizing every dick and Harry on site,ransacking every nook and cranny of the community looking for prey. The entire Community was thrown into commotion with people running helter skelter for their dear life. As stated earlier, married women and Elderly men were not spared. Eyewitness accounts had it that what happened in Eziorsu yesterday was the Nigerian version of operation desert Storm. Many people were injured,some hospitalized and some lost their personal belongings. Yesterday’s episode was not the first time these khaki men are invading our community. They are fond of intervening in civil and even family matters involving husband and wife.
Their unwarranted attacks and provocation are becoming unbearable, intolerable and uncivilised and if nothing is done now to arrest this situation,it might led to another Odi experience. May I use this medium to call on the Brigade Commander of 34 brigade Obinze to call his men to order. I equally use this medium to draw the attention of Imo state government to this ugly development in Eziorsu. Being an oil producing community in Imo state, any breach of peace will spell doom on the economy of the State and the country at large.
Suffice it to say that these Soldiers have outstayed their welcome. They were deployed there to checkmate the illegal activities of Oil Bunkerers who transport oil from Bayelsa through the River Niger down to Orashi river to Ossemotor during the flood period. Unfortunately the exercise has turned out to be a profitable venture to the Defenders of the Defenseless. Methinks it is time to send these men to the barracks and if need be deploy mobile police men or conventional police to the waterfront. Eziorsu cannot afford to witness another crisis in 2019 . A stitch in time saves nine and even lives Ka Chineke mezie okwu. Thanks.

Godwin Amugo

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